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Title: The Effects of Beauty and the Redemption of the Ugly
Authors: Riofrío Martínez-Villalba, Juan Carlos
Keywords: Beauty
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: Studia Gilsoniana
Abstract: This paper aims to discuss the aftermath effects of beauty, the ugly, and the ways of how to get rid of the ugly. Firstly, we will attempt, in lieu of a definition of beauty, to examine the three classical conditions for beauty, which would otherwise be regarded as in some sense a mystery. Secondly, we will turn to the effects of beauty by analogy to the six effects of love as elucidated by Thomas Aquinas; in addition, we shall add three other effects of beauty found in classical Greek thought: catharsis, epiphany, and pleasure. Thirdly, we will review, by way of contrast, the corresponding effects of the ugly; as we do so, we shall propose just how the ugly may be “redeemed” by beauty
ISSN: 2577–0314
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