Fundamentals of Biotechnocommunicology

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New Explorations: Studies in Culture and Communication
Biotechnocommunicology is a complex territory of knowledge in whichbiology, technology and communicology converge. The ideas of MarshallMcLuhan, founder of Media Ecology, represent a possible starting point in theunderstanding of the complex biotechnocommunicological imaginary.McLuhan sustained that since media and technologies are extensions of us,their evolution depends on us. The intellectual work of Gerald S. Hawkins notonly confirmed the relevance of some of McLuhan's advanced theses, which,of course, transcend the field of communicology. Hawkins contributed toconnecting McLuhan's ideas with Kurzweil's advanced thinking. In the complexity of the transhumanist imaginary, there is a new possibility that isbeing considered: that the new evolution of the Homo Sapiens depends not onbiology, but on technology. This would imply inverting a central thesis in McLuhan's thinking in order to understand the renewed Homo Sapiens as anextension of technology