Evidence and Its Proof. Designing a Test of Evidence

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Forum Prawnicze
Nowadays knowledge and truth are under attack, and, as a consequence, we are losing the notion of evidence as “obvious”. Probably that’s why George Orwell1 considered that one of the principal duties of today’s world is to recover what is obvious. In these days, when the manipulation of language for political ends grows strongly, when ≪war is peace≫, ≪freedom is slavery≫, ≪ignorance is strength≫, we must rediscover the basic principles of our reason. ≪We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men≫. Understanding how human knowledge functions has always been complex. In general, it is accepted that we can understand reality from various sources: from immediate evidence (evidence from the senses or intellect), from more or less complex reasoning, as well as faith in some authority.
methodology, legal studies, philosophy of law, law epistemology, evident knowledge, scientific knowledge