Efectos de la constitucionalización del arbitraje.

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Revista Internacional de Estudios de Derecho Procesal y Arbitraje
This paper analyzes what are the effects that the Constitution of Ecuador has recognized the figure of alternative means of dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. First here relates the history of this constitutionalization (Chapter I), to later review how these means are coupled to the constitutional principle of jurisdictional unity (Chapter II). Chapters III to VII discusses the nature of these means, which must be considered the core of the constitutional right to use these means. Chapters VIII and IX analyze additional effects: non-legal-derogability guarantee, their integration within the regulatory context, axiological and teleological of the Constitution and the limited opportunities to raise a constitutional process against the acts transactional and arbitration awards.
Debido proceso, Derecho constitucional, Materia transable, Acciones constitucionales, Laudo arbitral