Motivation in the classroom of third baccalaureate students in Quito.

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Quito: Universidad de Los Hemisferios 2020
There are various issues that concern motivation, for example, students becoming too dependent, students getting distracted easily by others, students being inattentive, students being rowdy, students having poor participation, students showing lack of interest towards the language, students having behavioral issues, students having a bad attitude towards learning English, students being negative towards finishing the activities. It is believed that all these kind of problems that teachers face each day at school could be solved by motivating the students. This is why my goal is to keep my students excited and interested in the classroom with the influence of theories with effective strategies and actions. These actions and strategies will be able to create a self-awareness of the importance of the application of motivational skills and procedures in the classroom.
Tutor: Janine Berger \ Bibliography \ Cronogram of activities
Motivation, Baccalaurate students, Motivational skills