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    Motivation in the classroom of third baccalaureate students in Quito.
    (Quito: Universidad de Los Hemisferios 2020, 2020-10-20) Guerrero Llerena, Raquel Sofía
    There are various issues that concern motivation, for example, students becoming too dependent, students getting distracted easily by others, students being inattentive, students being rowdy, students having poor participation, students showing lack of interest towards the language, students having behavioral issues, students having a bad attitude towards learning English, students being negative towards finishing the activities. It is believed that all these kind of problems that teachers face each day at school could be solved by motivating the students. This is why my goal is to keep my students excited and interested in the classroom with the influence of theories with effective strategies and actions. These actions and strategies will be able to create a self-awareness of the importance of the application of motivational skills and procedures in the classroom.
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    How to select warmers to consistently engage students and start the lesson on time
    (Quito: Universidad de Los Hemisferios, 2018, 2018-08-14) Bermeo, Sonia
    This is a paper that was done for the purpose of helping teachers find appropriate warmers to initiate class. The experiment was done in the course of a school year, with eighth grade students. I started by using warmers that I had used before as a preschool and primary teacher the problem was that although they had worked well for smaller children ages 5-8 they were not engaging enough for my twelve and thirteen year old students . During the research, my aim was to select warmers that would consistently get my students engaged in lesson as close to the original start time as possible. Through the course of my research , Pintrich set a reference that I used as guidelines to find warmers that were best suited for my needs, how these were applied and the outcome of warmers are explained in this paper.
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    How to teach suggestions using social media through a lesson plan
    (Quito, Universidad de los Hemisferios, 2017, 2017-05-10) Vallejo Espín, Jonathan Edgar
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    A case study on Burnout Syndrome in EFL High School teachers in a school in Quito-Ecuador
    (Quito-Ecuador: Universidad de los Hemisferios, 2015, 2015-06-10) Riera F., Marisol
    Teachers are exposed to a prolonged amount of stress in a daily basis, which results in burnout. This study aims to determine the influence of gender and age on teachers’ susceptibility to experience burnout. Thirteen teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL), aged twenty to fifty years old, six males (46%) and seven females (54%) participated in this study. The data was collected using as instrument the questionnaire on the Maslach Burnout Inventory – Educators Survey – (MBI-ES) and a structured and semi-structured interview. The implications of this study show that young male teachers are more susceptible to experience detachment and lack of accomplishment and inefficacy, and female teachers (no limit of age) are more likely to be susceptible to emotional exhaustion, all of them, dimensions of burnout syndrome. Los maestros están expuestos a una carga diaria de estrés, misma que con el tiempo se transforma en “burnout”. El objetivo de este estudio es determinar la influencia de edad y género en la susceptibilidad de los profesores para experimentar burnout. En este estudio participaron trece maestros de inglés, seis hombres (46%) y siete mujeres (54%), cuyas edades fluctúan entre veinte y cincuenta años. Los datos fueron recolectados usando como instrumentos el cuestionario Maslach Burnout Inventory –EducatorSurvey – (MBI-ES) y una entrevista estructurada y semiestructurada. Los alcances de este estudio muestran que los maestros jóvenes, de género masculino son más propensos a padecer de desapego emocional e ineficacia y las maestras (sin discriminación de edad) son más susceptibles de experimentar desgate emocional, todos estas dimensiones de burnout.