The Community is the Game: A corporate communication proposal.

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Quito: Universidad de Los Hemisferios 2021
Corporate culture is a term that has gained popularity in the past years and is now one of the foundations for modern workspaces. Companies that are considered the best workplaces for the millennial generation have common characteristics such as a stable structure surrounding values, and communications that generate engagement not only with their community but with their employees as well. The corporate culture concept was first used by Dr. Elliott Jaques in 1951; it’s popularity became higher when companies were looking for the “Why”,expression used by Simon Sinek on the Golden Circle, helping companies focus on the more meaningful side of their businesses. This proposal shows how a company is supposed to manage their organizational culture through internal communications and it is based on the example of the American video game developer and e-sports tournaments organizer, Riot Games. It is going to be supported by the Practical Application of the Theory of Motivations, a theory created by Professor José Antonio Pérez López and developed as a practical application by Ph.D. Diego Alejandro Jaramillo. The research uses a qualitative method, composed of a review of Riot Games documents and interviews with Riot Games employees John D. Gutierrez, Senior Sound Designer, and Dan Sutton, Director of Brand Management. Both interviews helped see the inside view of how Riot Games manages its communications and corporate culture, and how they managed to infuse it with their employees. In line with the proposed hypothesis that corporate culture is fundamental in the creation of an engaged community, the studied case of Riot Games showed that to create an engaged community, communication strategies must carry the values that the company has.
Tutor: Ph.D. Alicia Urgellés \ Bibliografía
Corporate culture, engagement, millennials, e-sports, Golden circle, Insights, Communication