How to select warmers to consistently engage students and start the lesson on time

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Quito: Universidad de Los Hemisferios, 2018
This is a paper that was done for the purpose of helping teachers find appropriate warmers to initiate class. The experiment was done in the course of a school year, with eighth grade students. I started by using warmers that I had used before as a preschool and primary teacher the problem was that although they had worked well for smaller children ages 5-8 they were not engaging enough for my twelve and thirteen year old students . During the research, my aim was to select warmers that would consistently get my students engaged in lesson as close to the original start time as possible. Through the course of my research , Pintrich set a reference that I used as guidelines to find warmers that were best suited for my needs, how these were applied and the outcome of warmers are explained in this paper.
Tutor: Janine Berger
Warmers, High School, Engaging, Initiating class