Attributes of the Humanist Director: The Exercise of Virtues as a Possible Scenario for the Constitution of the Humanist Enterprise

In this article an introduction is made to the analysis of the humanistic attributes that the managerial manager should have, in his intentions to humanize the company, from the practice of the virtues associated with work -as causal factors-, fundamental to direct a socially responsible humanist company. For this purpose, re makes an introduction to the literature on the anthropology of the organization and the manager, as well as to the Thomistic categories of the virtues; to the anthropological approaches of the manager from Pérez and Chinchilla, and to the complementary views of other authors, which allow us to understand the constitutive dynamics of the humanist enterprise.
Attributes of the Humanist Director, Exercise of Virtues, Possible Scenario, Constitution of the Humanist Enterprise, Humanist Enterprise, Director, Virtues, Humanist enterprise, Attributes